Questions About Life

Published May 10, 2017 by tindertender

I was raised in the wilderness. I know a healthy tree from an unhealthy tree, and the fact is that all of these trees were extremely healthy in the 80’s. Since the up kick of aerosol sprays above, we have seen significant die off. It is not a disease. It is a man made death.

When you consider the foods we have been eating, that the FDA approves of, it isn’t such a far stretch for the imagination.

Why is it that there are those intent on killing life on this planet? Why are they dumping toxins into the air? Why are we being pumped full of poisons, only to then again have poisons injected into the body for healing?

There is a sick and twisted behind the scenes plot to eliminate man kind and ALL life.

Who do you think hates us so much they would do anything to harm us?

The one who hates us is known … Are you paying attention yet?

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