Published May 9, 2017 by tindertender

As I listen to this, I hear the sound of the entry, the sound of change. BIG shifts are on their way, beginning now to increase in strength.

The Current of Light and Sound

The beginning of our soul’s journey is the contact with the Light and Sound of God, the two primary manifestations of the power of God. It is said that when God desired to bring about creation, that thought resulted in a current emanating from God. That current was manifested as Light and Sound. It was a divine stream that brought all creation into being. As it moved further from its source, the vibratory rate changed. Thus, different regions of varying vibrations were brought into being and sustain all creation.

The Light and Sound principle ultimately brought the physical universe into being. Our physical universe is operating at the densest vibratory rate, so dense that it manifests as matter. It is only in the last few decades that scientists have begun to understand that what we thought was solid matter are really dancing packets of energy. At the core of matter is an energy, which is light and sound. We know that when we split an atom, there is a tremendous burst of light and sound. This light and sound energy within our physical universe is the densest vibration of the current of Light and Sound emanating from the Creator.

The Light and Sound current flows out from God. It also flows back to God. We can catch this current at the point known as the third or single eye, or the sixth chakra. That is the connecting point between our soul (or attention in the body) and the Light and Sound current. If we can concentrate our attention at that point, we can contact the Light and Sound current and soar on it back through the higher regions of existence. The Light and Sound will ultimately lead us to the Source, back to God.

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