Increasing Perspective, Discovering New Heights

Published May 9, 2017 by tindertender

BOT Resume Scanner.pngTodays hiring managers have a tool which assists them in finding that perfect candidate. How does the candidate know how to use the tool to their advantage? Information is scarce, even when dug through with a fine comb, yet when presented by firms who have already scoured the information highway it is much easier, and far quicker, to learn.

When applying for a job online, the first stop for a resume is a BOT. A real person may never see the resume if it is not formatted correctly.

Two things I found out today:

~  1) Create the pretty resume, get it ready for when the actual “interview” comes. Do not use this one on-line.

~  2) Create a “target” resume. Alter this resume for every position applied for. Leave the fancy pictures and fonts out, for when the BOT scans them, it may just file the form in recycle because it will not be able to read it.

Increasing Perspective.pngThere were other helpful tips and tricks I learned today as well. Apparently in 2014 the system was overhauled, the cost of the HR tool was decreased making it more affordable for more companies.

It is important to know how this system works in order to increase chances of visibility. Here is the US we have a company called WorkSorce which assists with all kinds of information.

I love learning new things! It is amazing how life experiences give us the chance to broaden our horizons, increase our perspective, and discover new heights.

Once again, I reach for the stars!!

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