I Will Not Live A Lie

Published May 9, 2017 by tindertender

“Stop it!” he exclaims. “I want the very best for you” he says.

Authority_1.jpgHe asks that I stop talking, that I stop being involved with the things that matter to me, he thinks that there are those who will believe me to be a little whacky, a little crazy. He states, “I don’t know what you’re doing … preaching, getting into politics, just stop it.”

I told him that what he is asking me to do, is stifle myself, to not be fully what I believe in. And why? Because someone else might take a negative opinion to what I think important? For my bringing attention to those things that matter to me?

One thing I have found in the 5 decades of life is that although I may try to please people, it is impossible. For forty years I tried to mold myself to what others considered right and good. I have been disappointed for the most part during that forty years because after time, even those who I worked so hard to please, left, or decided one day that what I gave was not good enough, not what they wanted.

For the last ten years I have worked very hard to shed the need to please. I would rather speak the truth as I see it, live fully what I believe, and practice daily kindness … not only to others … but to myself.

Authority_2.jpgI would rather live knowing that I am authentic and true to me, and to my connection with Divine Nature, than attempting to please mankind. No … the right ones will show up, and those who do not care for it will fall away … just as it should be.

I will not live a lie, or hamper myself any longer in the hopes others might accept me and give me benefit. My truth has always been enough for me.

Authority_4.jpgI am a hard worker. I am good at tasks I put forth energy in to, I gain knowledge and therefore speed and accuracy in all that I do. I am confident and do not rely on the approval of some man or “authority” to bump up my self worth and value.

I am free to be me. Fully. Unapologetically. With authority, I live this life. I do not need another’s permission to do so. Regardless of their title, perceived status, or power.

ALL humanity has the SAME personal power, and responsibility, to be all they can be. When this is known and embraced, ALL will practice best behaviors for the benefit of self, family, and network.

Permission to do so is not needed.

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