Perception and Sharing

Published May 4, 2017 by tindertender

It has been stated that people should not talk of what they do not know, yet, when asked for more information to make things clear, there is silence. Perhaps it is figured, that if people do not know, then they never will, and perhaps it is thought … the information is not meant for them.

All information comes from somewhere, and all good ideas come from someone else’s ideas. When we fail to share, progression of understanding, and creativity into something more ceases.

perception1.jpgCritics … if you have not the capacity or the willingness to enlighten others in the areas you perceive them to be lacking, then all you are really doing is denying the opportunity for growth, essentially, hording information.

This greedy act perpetuates darkness. Perhaps you do not see it as such, however from the outside, it appears very much to be the truth.

Be gentle. Attacking another for reasons that do not extend beyond the ‘they do not know and therefore should stop talking’ does not help anyone. High mindedness gets us nowhere.

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