The Georgia Guidestones

Published May 3, 2017 by tindertender

The Georgia Guidestones.jpg

There are those who plot against us, they have our demise in mind, and so many people do not see it coming. When it is mentioned, when the obvious is pointed out, plain as day! they rebuff the teller, as though they lie, and call them an idiot, or whatever they may.

I am extremely saddened by it all. I see the signs, and this has all happened before … over, and over again … time after time.


These stones are in Georgia, written in 12 different languages.


This world is going to experience great loss. Mostly I am sad for the children who have been injected with vaccines and then fed poison, altering their gene code and mind. For even if they survive, their genetics are damaged.


For all the talk of being in balance with nature, there are a lot of oil pipes under waters and land, destroying entire ecosystems for decades to come ~ fracking and plastic and nuclear waste and uranium bullets and bombs …

It is all too clear to me and I am so sad for humanity and all life and what we have allowed to happen to us … what continues to happen.

Will we ever learn?

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Maya civilization

Old Kingdom of Egypt

Machu Picchu

There are so many others, the list goes on and on. When will humanity decide to live well together, rather than destroy each other? When will the wealth of the world be distributed fairly and evenly? When will greed finally be abolished?

Who are these arrogant people and why do they claim power over the life and death of millions?

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