Take Time For A “Reset”

Published May 2, 2017 by tindertender

Letting go can be difficult, however coming fully into ones own, often takes a separation from what is known. Painful … I know,  for a number of times in life I have had the blessing of revisiting my inner most being, and once again make friends with what I found.

Too often the reality of what we hold dear in our hearts is clouded by what others want from us … of their opinions and needs impressed upon our minds while we try to fit the mold, and to gain what we think we want. It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of it all and lose sight of what is dear to us ~ personally.


I have sat and cried at loss, lost in the feeling of emptiness. Once I become accustomed to silence though, I begin to pay attention to what remains, and the joy of solitude rises, little harmonies begin to take place, growing as time passes.

Painful as it is to release, it is a blessing bestowed in life, by the One who Loves us most. It is opportunity to come back to center, and ground in the reality of who and what we are. This reality is nameless. When we try to describe it, the depth of it can become shallow and fades in significance.

A-pure-heart-open-to-the.jpgIt is said that silence is key to understanding. True understanding does not require words or explanation, it simply is.

In todays world, the concept of the is, is difficult to grasp. So enmeshed in hustle and bustle, in what we have been led to believe is necessary for daily living, we are too close to the narrowness of experience to see fully, and clearly.

It really isn’t comfortable, or easy to put distance between ourselves and all of that which is happening. So, in comes the blessing, doing it for us … for a time. It is a reset, every so often it should be done, and will be, whether we are ready for it or not.

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