Published May 2, 2017 by tindertender

When you close your eyes and envision an evening starry sky, what do you feel? A sense of wonder perhaps, as new collides with old, forming a bond that will show us a different world, an alternate reality which will become our normal of the future.

Higher our thoughts go, we raise our mind to meet and greet the awareness that sifts down from the Universe. All that was, is fading to gray ~ when the denseness of it dissipates we will be seeing a beginning which we have thus far only dreamt of.

We are part of this. The more attention we pour into creating a new world ~ a world of compassion, care, and love ~ the quicker it will come to be. All efforts are needed now, in unison. No effort is too small, for all energies assist in the progression.

You are valued.
You are here to create a new reality.
Release the old program,
It is not yours.

Willingness to step forward in this effort is a blessing for all life.
YOU are that blessing!

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