Acceleration of the Temple

Published May 1, 2017 by tindertender

Stepping out from what is known, into the new, is a very courageous move. There are many who simply will not conceive of it.

There is a strength that resides in the deepest portion of a soul, and this strength knows what it is here to do.

There is something much more than what we have known. It has nothing to do with accumulation of things, however it has everything to do with quality ~ Quality of life for all.

Responsibility is everyone’s. When this passion for upgrade in life takes hold in the mind, change is swift, change for the better includes all men, women, children … all animals, land, waters and skies.

This home of ours needs our blessing. Let out hearts open, let us feel the earth as it breathes. We benefit from the gifts the world provides … let the world benefit from our presence as well.

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