Stepping Out From The Cloud

Published April 30, 2017 by tindertender


Sound echoes,
The siren calls.
It is time to move forward
Without regard to judgement.

Reality for some
Is different than for others.
Scoffing and ridicule
Abound from the sleeper.

Manipulation will end.
The time is near for
Peace to be.

woman-walking-out-of-darknessThoughts flowing like water from my mind, a sadness for the relations I leave behind. There is no amount of talk that will convince the blind to see. Rather than immerse oneself in the judgement of an incapacitated thinker (or non) the time has come to continue moving forward.

All people will not be pleased, by what they are given or by what they earn. Always, a dissatisfaction remains, with no attempt at clarifying the error.

Stepping out from the cloud, into a misty afternoon, it is time to walk out of darkness. A new day arises, a new time, a new world.

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