What are we fighting against?

Published April 28, 2017 by tindertender

We war with each other. We are led to believe that these people or those people or this man or that woman or some of a certain faith or spirituality are our enemies.

Perhaps you recall …  after a time of friends trying to convince you of another’s wrongs, trying to make you believe that you should mistreat or give a label to them for what they themselves may believe, perhaps you turned to them instead and said, “They haven’t done anything to me, and until they do I will not judge them as though they have.”

I have said this many times.

In life I have encountered many people who judge another, and if I did not agree with said judgement, I was excluded from the group. Good riddance I said, for false judgement is a lie. Blatant spreading of these hurtful and harmful words against another, knowing they have no basis of reality, is wearing a lie someone else gave you … don’t do it, for by perpetuating this lie much harm will be done in the world.

Walk with Integrity.jpg

Be responsible.
Get your facts, from your personal experience …
And then realize that all people are different, that the error of one, does not constitute the suffering of many.

The bible has it told that many will suffer and not come to the kingdom. Whether we believe this or not isn’t the important thing here. What is important, is that we do not spread hatred, that we choose light and love, that we claim the authority with which we lead our life and do not follow a wrong-doer.

Integrity is in our innermost being. It has always been there. How deeply it has been stuffed, crammed to the soles of our feet perhaps, depends on how entrenched we become in the lie.

It is difficult to extract from this game, this sick and twisted manipulative game, however it is not impossible, and with effort, little by little, those ties will be broken.

Have strength and endure to the end, you will find freedom.

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