Published April 26, 2017 by tindertender

Reconstitute … This was the theme of sleep last night, and it seems an urgent message. What exactly does it mean?

Build up again from parts; reconstruct.
  • change the form and organization of (an institution)
  • restore (something dried, especially food) to its original state by adding water to it

This message is insistent, firm, and quite urgent.

I am certain we all know what is needing rebuilt, there are many facets to it and it will take all of us working together as a unit to achieve favorable results.

While cleaning myself this morning I thought of the water, of the people who laid the pipes for it, of the ones who treat it and make it of a grade to be used in the home. They are very skilled, and yes, while they were paid for their skills and labor, they in turn are paying for that which they  built, for that which they cleanse.

This system, like many others, should be a barter system. Those who make water available ought to be able to trade their work for the good, organic meals coming to their tables. I am unclear as to why people do not teach each other, assist each other, as we once did in this world.

Everything currently revolves around “money”. However the value of money is dwindling, all that will remain is our ability, and I am hoping, our willingness to come to terms and agree upon that which is needed for the whole, tossing greed aside.

YES.jpgNo one need “rule” us, for we are capable of leading our own lives ~ we are capable of doing so in such a way that benefits the whole. The question is, are we willing to do so?

Are we willing to shed past conditioning, the training and programming that we have been subject to? Are we willing to be responsible for our choices, and are we willing to care for someone other than ourselves, our immediate families?


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