Lies Are Poison ~ Are You Swallowing Them?

Published April 25, 2017 by tindertender

Great Dane.jpgThis is not Duchess, however shows her coloring very well.

When I was a girl I had a dog. She was more than just a dog though, she was my guardian in a wilderness, she was my best friend. One day, my third “dad” raised a shotgun to her saying angrily he was going to blow her head off. I stepped between them and said, “Oh no you won’t!

Months went by.  She had a litter of pups, three of the four pups died. I was told by my step father that she had rolled on them and suffocated them. I do not believe that now, nor did I then. The only one that lived was a little black pup (the others were fawn colored, like she was).

My mother stated that we were forced to give Duchess up because after she had her pups she became aggressive. I did not see that in her. I am of the mind that this step father of mine and his son are responsible for the death of her puppies, and that perhaps this is why she became “aggressive”.

You see, back then my mother had stated that we gave her to a lady, who one day fed Duchess (a Great Dane) in the same room with a little dog she already had. The story had it that Duchess gobbled her food and wanted the smaller dogs as well, and when the smaller dog snipped at her, Duchess hurt the little dog. My mom said that the lady then took Duchess into the back yard and shot her.

Years later my mother said that this same lady gave her away to a “hitchhiker” and this is the last she knew of what happened to Duchess.

I thought of this the other day when I watched a video of a young lady plunge into freezing waters to save her dog. I remembered coming between my beloved Duchess and that man with the shotgun pointed at her. I texted my mother asking her if this man, this step-father, wound up doing what he had threatened before … if he was indeed the one who shot her. I pointed out the discrepancies of her story over the years. She has not responded, she is ignoring the question. So I believe that yes, he did kill her, and they lied.

I knew this in my heart, but I wanted to give my mother the opportunity to shed the lie. It cannot be good for a soul to hold these lies inside, whether they be small, or large. They are a poison and will tear any sense of morality from the mind, they will break down hope and self respect, and perpetuate either self harm, harm of others, or make one forced to live in a fantasy where “all is well”.

It is a simple lie. She wanted to protect her child from the hatred that would ensue had she known what this man was capable of. She wanted to hold the glue of this so called family she had formed. However, many years have gone by and that little girl already knows the truth and does not need protecting, she has offered this woman an out, an opportunity to shed falsehood, to come clean ~ and the mother refused.

I hope that if any of you have this sort of untruth in you that you will let it out, let it go. Do not allow it to poison your soul. Regardless of what retaliation you may fear, step into it and release. Fear of what may be is often worse than what actually will be.

It is better for a person to spit out the poison than swallow it.
Do yourself a favor … look out for your spiritual health, for your peace of mind.
Put yourself first.
Remain true, and reward will follow.

The benefits of being honest may not appear as what you think they ought to. In fact, you may not even recognize them. Others will try to convince you that the only way to come out on top is to perpetuate lies, to maintain deceit.

You are smart, and you know the truth. It is already inside you. This Divine essence is more powerful than anything man can do to you, or for you. Rest assured that when you stand in integrity, all will be well.


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