Your Strength And Endurance Are Applauded

Published April 18, 2017 by tindertender

Many are weary, believe me when I say, you have what is necessary to get through this. Like a woman experiencing labor, the pain which is current, and which is on it’s way, is only a symptom of a birthing. We will see the end of this, and a time of joy.

Be patient, be firm in your belief of The One Who Loves You. He wishes to see the good fight, indeed He is in the background with us, every step of the way. The hope is that we will choose light and love over darkness and hate, freedom over slavery.

Free will is a powerful thing. If you choose to relinquish it, then you’ve made a choice. Yes, there are times when we are beaten, and forced into this servitude, however our minds may be forever focused on something other than current dilemmas.


You can do this.
You are not alone.
Even though you may not see who is with you,
they are there nonetheless.
Your strength and endurance are applauded,
Joy over the love remaining in your heart is great.

You have a courage within you that will continue to grow.


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