Poverty Is Man Made

Published April 15, 2017 by tindertender


The question is posed, “Who would collect and then allocate the trillions of dollars?” and the response, “We should be looking at the tribal natives, they had order & didn’t need prisons, people didn’t steal from each other. They had a lot more wisdom than we have. I guess our real problem is based on the ‘divide’ of the races & status – poverty is man made.”


Look at todays existence, and further into the past, and see clearly that this has indeed been a successful mission. Will you decide that the game is over?

There are many who have experience and know-how as far as community living go. There is much to learn, as many, indeed most of us have had this ‘conscious, co-creative, awareness’ stripped from our existence. We struggle with this separation from each other, fighting a good fight, yet alone. We cannot beat this manipulation as long as we allow them to keep us separate.

The reason this very carefully laid plan was so successful is because they used coercion. They told some folks they were better, more privileged than others. The sense of superiority was fostered in specific people, creating the illusion of ‘privileges’ truth. However, the ones told they were better, still had to work very hard for those who were manipulating things. They were probably given some sort of trinket, or fringe benefit to keep the dream alive.

A lie wrapped in truth … it is very hard to discern.

You see it now, do you not?

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