The Heartbeat Of The World

Published April 12, 2017 by tindertender

Earth beating heart

When we sit very still, we can feel our heart beat as it moves blood through the body ~ the same is with the earth.

We can see the waves of the ocean come ashore, then recede, time and again. We can feel the wind as it pushes against us, and then eases, followed by another gust. The rivers flow sometimes quick and other times slow … the sound of both quite different, and includes a third sound, as the water laps against the river banks.

Wind dances through the branches of trees, moving the leaves of some of them in a wondrous, shining motion, as the sun glints off the colors they provide our eyes. We can look up ~ above our heads there are birds coasting on the wind, flapping their wings for a bit, and coasting some more. They may rest atop a pole and sit there, regal, viewing the world from a vantage point we seldom understand or think of.

Life moves here ~ it comes … it goes … it cycles through years, leaving in its wake knowledge from experiences. When these experiences are shared through story telling, it helps those who come after us excel beyond what we are capable of. What we put into the world will be expanded upon, and this goes both ways … negative, and positive. The question we ought to ask ourselves is, “What do I wish to contribute to?” Will your answer be a lifting of humanity, or will your answer be the continuous fall of humanity?

Choice is ours. Every day we choose what we participate in, and we choose what we no longer will give energy and attention to. If we are true to ourselves, accepting responsibility for our contributions, then we will begin to mold our lives like the canvas it is.

Art ~  What will your masterpiece (your life) look like? When others view it, will it look as though a three year old finger painted it? Or will it look like an artist really put time, effort, and consideration into the outcome?

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and a three year olds painting can be quite magnificent, because they are innocent and learning how to put their thoughts out there. As time passes, if they are encouraged (and sometimes even if not) the painting gets better, more alive. As long as they do not give up, if they keep trying, even when critics come along and attempt to spoil the love of it, they will succeed in creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

As a creator, an awesome creator with limitless ability, I encourage you to really begin to look at your canvas. How is the artwork shaping up? If you are not happy with a particular portion of it, you can stop, and begin anew. That Is the wonderful thing about art … paint over it and create something else … and in a few years, you may decide to upgrade or revamp the original.

Time is a good friend who gives opportunity when we seek it.

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