Pleasant Gift Between Ladies

Published April 8, 2017 by tindertender

I just had the most amazing arm and leg massage. She painted my toe and fingernails and smiled, thanking me every time I told her how nice it felt.

I sat while she did her work and listened to a client speak to her daughter in Swedish, and the lady helping me spoke to her co-workers in Vietnamese. She seemed to think an apology was needed, as though it were obvious I did not understand.

My response was this: Listening here is like listening to music, it is nice. At home I prefer songs in another language, I do not like getting caught up in the drama of a song, wrapped up in someone’s story. When I do not understand the words, the music moves me as it is meant to.

I leave the facility 2.5 hours later, this woman treated me like a queen. Yes, I paid, and yes, she earned every single portion and more. I wish I could have given more.

I come across a sign in a yard as I walk back to my car, I stop and smile.

… And I say, YES. Love does indeed win. All we need do is choose it.

Thank you young lady for making my day thus far a pleasant one, and thank you for being so kind.

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