A Brilliant Man Would …

Published April 8, 2017 by tindertender

People have, for centuries, believed that going to war will bring peace to lands, far and near. They have always been wrong in that regard, and always will be wrong.

War will never bring peace. The only thing it will bring is resentment and destruction.

The greedy will develop deeper pockets, full of what they want, and the people who die for their cause will leave behind families ~ many who love them and will, for the rest of their lives be asking why? As they sit in their dwelling without mother or father, they will come to resent their government and those in support of the death required by their family member.

Humans are not stupid, they see the rebellious nature of the majority as they march against absurdity. The voices of those in opposition to war and tyranny have been blocked, ignored, and decisions have been made without regard for the people.

A Great Man

A brilliant man would seek an innovative path. He would admit to the people of his country that war does not, indeed never has, brought peace. He would forego oil and coal and turn to clean energy and more efficient ways of living. He would gather the people as one, not by force, but by a cohesive, conscious and willing agreement to work toward that which promotes life and joy rather than sorrow and death.

A house divided falls … every time.

The only way to come out of this smelling like a rose is to listen to the people and work toward giving them what they need to live a sustainable and healthy life.

If this brilliant man cared for the children of his own country he would make certain they were not harmed by greedy corporations. He would bring the people of various faiths, ethnic groups, and genders together as one harmonious people and help them become a more efficient team. He would focus on unity, not division.


It is possible for peace, it is possible to foster love without giving up positions of lawful and orderly determination. Essentially, the only way for this to be an overwhelming success is to have the majority of the people willing to stand with the decision makers.

Centuries have gone by where previous leaders used war, and terrorism to pull people together. The fact is, people are tired of dying for a lost cause. Over and over, generation after generation, people are asked to give up their lives. The “dangling carrot” of peace is always just out of reach, the battles and wars leave in their wake scars, emotional and spiritual damage that may never be healed.

If this brilliant man truly cared he would not subject his people to this horrible, family shredding affair. He would work negotiations to build peace without causing death and destruction.

Anything but an honorable and moral path forward, travelled with integrity, compassion and care … for ALL, will simply be more of the same that we have experienced for so long now. It is my belief and my observation that the majority are simply fed up with same-o, same-o.

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