Love, Or Greed?

Published April 1, 2017 by tindertender

We have severe cases of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Dystonia of many serious levels, multiple neurological disorders, thyroiditis, or Hashimotos disease, cancer and so many other illnesses.

Secret government programs have created illness for many people. One such program has caused death and suffering by spraying biological weapons of mass destruction upon our heads. They have allowed corporations to put poison in the foods we purchase, they let the crops be sprayed with poison, they have engineered the seed so it has this poison within it so when it grows, it is poison.

Who is courageous enough to take on this case? Who among the attorneys will hold morality and integrity as a shield and walk the walk of an honest man or woman? How many of you will collaborate to put an end to this extermination?

Children are born every day to men and women with defects. These defects are prevalent and far too common … it was not like this in the past. Sure, there were cases in which something happened, but today we have so many children with cancer and various other issues.

Let’s break it down to the TWO most obvious causes:

  1. Poison in the food and waters
  2. Micro waves, wifi, altering dna and damaging ova

We have available to us the internet. We are equipped with the ability to research, right at our fingertips. Let us use this opportunity.

Many cultures and peoples have disappeared from the face of the earth. Their technological abilities were very advanced, and yet time after time, they were wiped out. Do you see the pattern? Can you tell that it is happening again? When will human beings wise up and realize the systems and values we live by, time and time again, do not work?


When will we finally choose Love over greed?

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