Is Your Head In The Sand?

Published March 31, 2017 by tindertender

On the way home tonight I look at the sky. I see it blue, then I see these lines in the sky creating a haze.

As the journey continues I stop and take another photo. It collects in the sky and the blueness of the beautiful day begins to disappear.

Straight ahead I see these four streams of fluff, probably full of chemicals I cannot pronounce.

The streams spread into man-made clouds.

I look above me and am quite upset. I have a garden. I want it to grow, and I do not want these chemicals in my food, or in the air I breathe.

I cannot talk of this to those I have in my life, for they get mad and attack me in their refusal to ‘look up’.

Are they hiding something, or are they working on population control?


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