Be A Light

Published March 26, 2017 by tindertender

Human Light

Be A Light

➠ There are no two ways about it, we have to become spreaders of light. Once we have received the light or some light. What we have of light we should really spread, especially before we die. Because when we die we will take all that light with us. We need to spread light so that the chain of passing light from one person to the next can continue. Frankly speaking, we received light because someone gave us the initial spark of light that came from someone else before that.

➠ There are two ways to spread light. One is by reflecting it and the other is by radiating it.

➠ We can as the image says be like a mirror that reflects the light. This is done by living out and practicing the light of the teachings for others to see and by giving the light of the teachings without us as a reference point. Directing others to the teachings, advertising the teachings etc. belongs to this way.

➠ We can be beacons of light like a candle by finding our light within using the light of our consciousness and then teach or spread that light, giving it freely to others. Especially to others who are in darkness. The light only shines in the darkness. When we live out that light and go to where there is darkness we become a beacon or candle of light

➠ The best is to be both the candle and the mirror. Sometimes it is better to be the mirror and when needed it is better to be the candle.

We are spreaders of Light.


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