Harmonic Sound

Published March 20, 2017 by tindertender

I attended a Harmonic Sound bath last night, singing bowls both brass and glass were played for an entire hour. These waves of sound pushed through my body and mind, I felt them and envisioned them moving out of my presence all that is not serving my highest and greatest good.

Last night I slept soundly, although two dreams were distinct. First, I dreamed of a lion in the area devouring people. I tried to get others to leave but they would not, so I did. I began an adventure to find relatives I had never met. Second, there was a man who fancied himself my boyfriend. He turned crazy and I had to take measures against him, risking lifetime imprisonment.

This early morning I wonder about these dreams which followed the sound bath. Curious.

Moving forward … ever moving forward … day after day pushing through yesterday, last night, starting fresh with perspective and path. Pulling mind energies from the past, moving into the present moment, focusing on the now. I will attend my thoughts today and ask frequently this question, “Am I breathing?” I will stop periodically, wherever I am, and breathe deep from the belly 3 times before moving on. It takes less than a minute to do this, benefits are very real. No one need know it is occurring.

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