Holy Harmony

Published March 15, 2017 by tindertender

She closes her eyes. She listens to the harmonious sound. She realizes those who she sees with her eyes have been minor players when it comes to manipulation. Her life has been filled by them. Behind the scenes though are others, more sinister, they grasp at her mind, invisible hooks pull her attention.

Determined, she practices stretching her capacities to withstand, and exercises her will for the ability to pull her thought away. She focuses on the sound of harmony.

Pharmaceutical companies make synthetic drugs that will dull the energies of her body, her mind, yet she refuses. She feels the need to grow her ability, she believes this skill is crucial and will be needed sometime soon, more than even she realizes. She breathes, deeply into the belly, and out.

She sees one who loves her in her mind, he stands on the highest mountain top. He knows her efforts, he has not left her, he watches, seeing it all ~ hearing her every thought, feeling her every emotion. He knows what the sinister fraudulent others are doing, to her … to so many. He hears when she speaks of it to acquaintances only to be ridiculed and scoffed at. He hears it all.

This battle she wages, quite unwilling to cave, is a hard one. It would indeed be easier if she could fight with fists, but this is not a physical fight, this is a battle of wills … her eternal life depends on the strength she builds. She refuses the idea of failure, she works very hard ~

Green water woman meditating outdoors.jpg

She sits with her back straight. She stretches her arms out from her sides, splaying her finger tips. She moves her arms above her head stretching up and she inhales, relaxing a little as she exhales, she repeats, and again. She lowers her arms bending them at the elbow and rests them on her knees, palms up, hands open. She feels the blood move through her, it pulses in her hands. She envisions these pulses emanating outward.

When she has many hours to sit quietly, she will do this again and practice putting intention into the waves she feels coming from inside her, to the outside of her.

Soon …

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