DNA Damage ~ What Can We Do?

Published March 13, 2017 by tindertender

This is a question … as I am not a scientist, or biologist, doctor or naturopath, I look on-line, using wifi, which is known to cause DNA damage. I really would like to know what people can do to increase their survival and health possibilities, while lowering the defective genes from passing through generations.


“DNA can be attacked by physical and chemical mutagens. Physical mutagens are primarily radiation sources, including UV (200-300 nm wavelength) radiation from the sun. UV radiation produces covalent bonds that crosslink adjacent pyrimidine (cytosine and thymine) bases in the DNA strand. Ionizing radiation (X-rays) initiates DNA mutations by generating free radicals within the cell that create reactive oxygen species (ROS) and result in single-strand and double-strand breaks in the double helix …”

Damaged DNA

What happens when DNA becomes damaged?


“Another kind of DNA damage build-up occurs when a cell divides and passes its genetic information on to its two daughter cells. During cell division, the telomere, a stretch of DNA at each end of a chromosome that doesn’t encode any proteins but instead protects the protein-encoding part of the DNA, becomes shorter. When the telomere becomes too short, it can no longer protect the cell’s DNA, leaving the cell at risk for serious damage. In most cells, telomere length cannot be restored. Extreme telomere shortening triggers an SOS response, and the cell will do one of three things: stop replicating by turning itself off, becoming what is known as senescent; stop replicating by dying, called apoptosis; or continue to divide, becoming abnormal and potentially dangerous (for example, leading to cancer).”

Researchers discover DNA ‘repair’ enzyme


“We have so much damage (our cells are) continuously being exposed to, so we have to have a very efficient system of repair before that damage is replicated,” lead author Dr. Sankar Mitra, a professor in the department of biochemistry and molecular biology at UTMB, told FoxNews.com.  “If repair doesn’t occur first, replication is going to happen with the damaged genome.” … “Genome damage repair is essential for survival of the human species, and we need to understand the mechanisms,” Mitra said.

What can the average person do to help themselves? Given the barrage of DNA altering substances our bodies and minds are infiltrated with, here is a few things I found.

Hemp Repairs Damaged DNA


“Two primary proteins found in hemp seeds — Edestin and Albumin — can assist the body in repairing damaged DNA that it is otherwise incapable of fixing on its own. Edestin protein, which is only found in hemp seeds, has a makeup similar to blood plasma and has been shown to promote a healthy immune system as well as eliminate stress. Its counterpart, Albumin protein, assists in maintaining the strength of tissues that hold the body together.”

DNA Repair: Its Importance and How to Improve it


“Passwater: Can we help these repair enzymes somehow?

Scheinfeld: A number of substances seem to have the ability to enhance DNA repair DNA repair adjuvants (from nature, enzymes and cytokines) and selected natural antioxidants discussed here include the following: selenium, Urcaria tomentosa (AC-11), T4 endonuclease V, ubiquitin and interleukin-12. Polypodium leucotomos will be discussed as well because it has been included in discussions of the aforementioned substances although it is primarily an antioxidant.

Passwater: Interesting that you list selenium and AC-11 as top supplements for DNA repair. “

DNA Repair.PNG

4 Vitamins That Can Help Repair Your DNA


Carotenoids: Carotenoids are precursors to the first vitamin in the alphabet soup of vitamins—vitamin A. They’re often called provitamin A.

B Vitamins – Vitamins B3 (niacin), B9 (folate) and B12 (cobalamin):
These vitamins have been shown in some studies to be important in building DNA.

Vitamin D: Scientists say there is reason to believe vitamin D is able to stabilize the structure of DNA.

Vitamin E:
Vitamin E has been shown in scientific studies to be especially potent in stopping the development of liver cancer … According to researchers, the antioxidant is able to prevent DNA damage and even repair it in some instances.

Science shows you can take simple steps to protect your DNA from damaging free radicals—and in some cases even repair damage.

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