Grow Peace ~ Love Will Save Us All.

Published March 10, 2017 by tindertender

She wears a shirt that says, “Grow Peace”. This thought will reside in her mind for the day, as it does all others. The visual assists in the solidifying of the thought, of the mind set. Every time she sees herself in the mirror, every time she catches someone reading the message, she will be glad she is able to plant the seed, or firm up the thought of, and hope for, peace in the minds of others.

She dreamt of living with her clan near the river. She had left, travelling to town when she had a child. It is unclear why. She visited once after, and returned to town. When the child had grown and left her home, she wanted to return to live with her clan, but they were all gone. She stood on the bank near the river, and it was as beautiful as ever, swirling eddies, clean and clear. Sadness gripped her heart. She found herself alone, and yet there was still one who watched over her.

It is important that we not be led astray by others who wish to steer our lives and tell us where we need to be, or how we should live. Touching our heart with our inner mind, we know very distinctly what we need and what is most favorable for our lives. Trusting ourselves is key.

Experience has proved that others feel they know best what should happen in another’s life, and they pull strings, say things to strip one of confidence, manipulate circumstances … not to favor you (or me) but to favor their own view on what they wish in their life. Essentially, if we do not stand firm in what we know is right, we will slip into a pattern of being led, rather than leading.

Everyone has the potential to be leaders, in their own world, and in the larger whole. Each individual has something of value to share that is beneficial to all. Each and every one. Learning to #1, honor our own knowledge of what is right and good inside our mind, and in our immediate actions, and #2, giving value to, and presenting honor and gratefulness, for what another may offer a situation is key to growing peace and happiness in this world.

What kind of day will this be? She responds, “It will be a blessing of a day.” She will pay close attention, hoping not to miss an opportunity to strengthen her development of a healthy respect for mankind.

Love will save the world.
Love will save us all.

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