Dalai Lama ~ The Transformation Is You

Published March 9, 2017 by tindertender

Dalai LamaI just finished watching the Awakening. It is a movie about Synthesis, (the combination of ideas to form a theory or system), a group of many people of varying backgrounds travelled to his holiness’s house for a meeting of the minds. The goal was not for short term solutions, but for long term solutions. It ended with this :

“The most important question is, ‘What unique gift do you have to share with the world?’ The transformation is you.”


When we look for immediate gain we fail to see into the future. What will our actions, or non-actions, promote for those coming after us?

His holiness stated that there are those in the world who believe their incomes should increase every year, that there is a constant striving for more. This touched me personally as I consider the reality I live in.

So many in the world do not wish to give, they horde it for whatever reason. This mindset ensures the only ones who suffer, are those who suffer already. Often we are told how generous so-and-so is, we should be grateful.

Observing my surroundings this morning on my way in to work, I noticed all of the people in all of the cars, going to their jobs to earn money that isn’t even real, it’s value is a fabrication, and at any moment … poof, everything we thought we had will be gone. Then what?

I consider what real wealth is.

SeedsSeeds. The seeds that grow into foods we can harvest, eat, and prepare for a rainy day, those seeds that supply nutrition to keep a body alive … that is where the value is. Who is it attempting to manipulate this life giving market of seed? Who is it trying to strip humanity of the ability to grow their own foods, and harvest their own seed for the coming season?

Water.jpgWater. We are aware that without it, in a matter of days, the human, or other, body would simply die. Who is it putting toxins in the waters? Who is it spilling oil in the rivers and streams? There are massive amounts of radiation being emptied into the ocean killing sea life, spreading like a wild fire we cannot see. We are lied to about the destruction of these resources that enable life to continue …

chemical-toxins1 earthAir. We are told that having a fireplace is a bad thing, yet unknown(to most) chemicals are being sprayed into our atmosphere … Aluminum, Barium, Mercury, Lead … these nanoparticles are absorbed into the skin, inhaled with our every breath, and our bodies are sick and dying more rapidly than ever before.

… and every morning, we rise, get into our vehicles, and work the same job, day after day after day. Many cannot wait for the weekend to arrive, they live for those days, yet what are they doing with that time? Many others are counting the days to retirement, but what comes after?

Deep within ourselves is a power greater than we may know, or are aware of. When we sit with our self for awhile without distraction, we begin to feel what is there. The time has come to get out of the box, that box that holds us in this tight knit illusion of sufficiency.

There is something greater, and it is waiting for us to open our minds.

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