Don’t They Know?

Published March 8, 2017 by tindertender

There is a heaviness in her head, it expands, seeming to press against her skull,  she checks her blood pressure. It is normal, better than normal, and yet the feeling remains.

She knows what it is, and yet she cannot tell others about it, most would not understand and would likely scoff at this reality she dwells in, adding to the situation an unpleasant reaction. Of course they haven’t within them the ability to see what they do, and no care about what they do not see, so wrapped up in their world of day to day distractions, and dreams of what is true.

She remains silent, observing. The best thing she can think to do is smile, work hard, relax when able, and breathe. She is certain she isn’t the only one, yet has not found others the same quite yet. Perhaps they, too, are waiting to find someone with similar awareness, similar connection.

There are those who care, and there are those who are good at pretending to care. It is possible to be fooled for a time, yet with patience, the truth always shows. This is why hasty decisions are not beneficial. In the grand scheme of things time is unlimited, care should be taken not to jump to conclusions, or assume one has correct knowledge.

To hint at full comprehension is laughable. Yet many do believe they have all of the answers and sufficient evidence of “truth”. Don’t they know? The moment one understands they do not really know anything is the moment they finally understand something. Being free to rest in that knowledge is quite a relief.

She steps away from things for a bit, she sits in soft light.


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