Freedom … embracing that which dwells within

Published March 7, 2017 by tindertender

She decided that how a person responds to her is only of second importance. The most important is “how does she respond to the responder”? What is it she holds in her heart and mind? Is she speaking truth as she sees it, or is she attempting to say what she thinks will please others? Is it of light, or is it of dark?

Freedom … embracing that which dwells within her she continuously works to become whole, not as the world deems what “whole” means, but what she knows to be true … she feels it within her, waiting for acknowledgement.

She decides, once again, what kind of day this will be. It will be joy seeking, cooperative efforts with others so all may walk through this day holding heads high, seeing each other fully, and appreciating what each has to offer the collective success of each other and what they work toward, and for.

What do they work toward? She sees that each person, herself included, is actually growing, expanding, not only in the job they are hired to do or the one needing done to survive, but inside … stretching the limits and capacities already there, becoming more.

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