And Still … She Gives

Published March 7, 2017 by tindertender

She gives everything she has within her. Some people want her money, some want her attention fully focused on them, some wish to use her for her skills, some wish her harm.

And still … she gives.

She gives all of herself with every ounce of energy she possesses. She becomes tired, at times she is frustrated that it never seems to be enough, she struggles with anger, refusing to let it overtake her mind, her way of looking at the world, and at circumstances.

She believes fully that at the heart of most people there is goodness, someone who hopes to one day experience joy again, perhaps for the first time. She hopes they will have it soon for she knows what it is, and how precious it is. No price can be placed on it, it holds no need for monetary gain, or material things.


As the nested doll, so is the human … as the rings on a tree, layer upon layer builds around the original version of the mind and body. Deep at its core is the child that once was, and deeper still is the one who entered into that body at the start of the journey.

Inner lights are bright, shining, sneaking through the cracks that have developed over time. When there seems to be a break, a shattering of self, it is only an avenue of release … embrace it. This is an enabler, a way of coming back to wholeness, painful as it may seem.

“Give” she says, give until you cannot give any more … not of money or labor or things … but open your heart and mind and pour yourself into the whole that makes this world beautiful, for it is you that awakens the rustling in the shadows … it is you who coaxes darkness into the light.

It is you who will save us all.



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