She Is Free, She Is Powerful

Published March 6, 2017 by tindertender

Change is on the horizon, she feels it in the pit of her stomach, it churns there bringing a dampness to her skin. She remembers that although it may feel a little uncomfortable now, this is a learned thought. When younger, she embraced this feeling, knowing that it was a connection through space and time to was is, and what will be. She sheds the manipulation that caused a warping of her mind  and she begins to embrace this once again, without judgement, as a friend.

Stepping into the flow, she breathes. She envisions a balloon in her belly and inflates it, and releases, one breath after the other. She straitens her back, uncrosses her feet, and envisions the energy, moving through her, much the same as the blood being pumped from her heart to her extremities.

This vast world of unlimited possibility is hers, she sits quietly, letting sound wash over her.

Chaos is nothing but fear in action. She knows there is nothing to fear, for in the end (which is only the beginning) all is well.

As the leaves fall, and then appear once more, young, fresh, alive … she knows this same regeneration dwells within her. She thinks of her skin, flaking and rebirthing, healthy. This same action takes place inside her body. She feels the warmth in the belly as breath moves in, and then out again, enter her organs. She raises her chin and closes her eyes for a moment.

She feels the heat move up her body, and outward to the edges of her flesh. She envisions it moving out from her person into the world. It is a warm vibration, pulsing as the heart moves, and as the breath moves.

She is free, and far more powerful than she ever imagined. Universes are within her and the breath of life moves through her, birthing a new world.

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