Ties That Bind

Published March 4, 2017 by tindertender

Energy. We all have it and we all have experienced its flow. Sometimes we project it, and at other times it is projected at us … for instance if someone is angry and they lash out at us, we know how awful it can feel. This lashing out does not even have to happen in the same room we are in, the same building, or even the same state or country, we feel it just the same.

emotionalcordsThoughts have no respect for boundaries. If someone is having a negative ~ or a positive ~ thought, it goes into “space” just the same, and with “intention” it travels to the target. The one sending these thoughts may not be aware they are doing so, they may believe that this is a private moment, however many of us are very capable of picking up on this.

In the western world this ability to feel is often called anxiety. I am amazed at the way our intuition and sensitivity is attacked, some trying to convince us it simply is a physical experience. However, when out of the blue we get butterflies in our belly it is a sure sign someone is knowingly, or unknowingly, attaching to us. I am also surprised that there are so many who refuse to even consider this fact, and will actually go as far to ridicule  the one experiencing it.

It’s a double whammy.

Lack of proper support can leave one feeling secluded, in an energetic twilight zone. The truth is, we are all in this reality together. Some recognize it, others do not, and have no desire to even try. This leaves the “feelers” on their own … in the world, yet not really of it, at least not the same as most.

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