Saturday Poetry, Noticing “What Is”

Published March 4, 2017 by tindertender

Two big eyes, round and brown and two more, smaller ~ brown and sometimes a deep dark blue ~ look at me adoringly, what can I do?

We sit by the fire, relaxing. I “pay” attention and feel my blood flow. I have visited the dark side, and I felt a glow.

Spots and wet tongues, seen and felt, silence (or is it?) fills the room. In the stillness I hear the hiss of burning wood and the whispers of those seeking solutions.

Almighty Power, are you really in me? I believe you are, that you’ve never left even when appearing to be far.

Brown ~ brown, yellow, red and white … when meshed together dark as night. From this darkness a spark appears, an explosion occurs which pierces the ears.

Light ~ light so bright, binding the dark  and halting the fight.

Tears  and fears shall disappear, pain and suffering no more.


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