Water Distillation & Home Grown Foods

Published March 1, 2017 by tindertender

Dirty water seems to be in all our futures, in fact, it’s already here. Given the affect plastic has on our environment, indeed the whole world, I once again speak of water distillation. There are many testimonies and examples of what can be done in our own homes to clean up our water supply without having to rely on big corporations selling us water bottled in plastic … something every human should be able to have access to without paying through the nose.

YouTube has many videos on how to build your own distiller, and there are distillers offered on line via many websites. Activated charcoal is an after distillation process which assists in eliminating many chemicals.

I will personally be looking in to ways in which I can maximize my ability to grow my own foods, as I am fed up with eating toxins, sold at a high price.

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