Water. It is the substance of which our body is made.

Published February 24, 2017 by tindertender

Water. It is the substance our body is made of (plus a bit of other stuff).


It is clear that those who are poisoning the waters are really poisoning our bodies. Sure, there is bottled water (in plastic) we can buy, however some say this is only tap water in disguise. This water should be free, yet we pay and then pollute the planet even further with the plastic waste.

When will we begin to care for that which we are? When will we begin to care for and love ourselves enough that we stop self harm? Many people are up in arms about what is being done to the planet, and I happen to be one of them. Set that thought aside for a moment though, and simply consider how much you love life. Do you really want to commit suicide? When we pollute the earth, waters and air, this is exactly what we are doing. Not only that, we are also murdering the children who haven’t the capacity to choose for themselves yet.

There is no sane reason we would put the clean and fresh waters of rivers at risk. It truly does mean the life of us, and all other life forms who require it for living.

Do we really hate life so much that we willingly go along with eliminating it from the planet? (I do not for one minute believe you do, and I know that I do not wish for it).

It is time to take a stand. A stand for life, pure, clean, and free. We must dig deep within ourselves and find our grateful hearts and begin to live in such a way that promotes health and true wealth, rather than destruction.

If you will splurge and purchase a water distiller, you will see in the residue what is left after it is cleansed. You will know what is in the waters that are pumped into our homes, and what our bodies are subjected to. Health issues? You’ll learn the cause of many of them.

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