Love Shines Brighter

Published February 21, 2017 by tindertender

Warmth. Of a smile, of a cozy fire, of the heart, friendship and love.

We are all connected. Energies touch, like the roots of trees, or the branches too, in a forest. We, however, are not in a forest … we are the forest, or “force“, if you will, that holds the whole world together.

When we sit in a quiet space, or listen to wordless musical sounds, and let our minds relax focusing on others with care, compassion and a genuine hope for their success and happiness … we experience connection. It is not seen by most people, only felt.

Intensity may be misconstrued as something other than a passionate care for whatever is being expressed. Someone in the vicinity of this emotion may feel uncomfortable, taking this feeling personal and then reading into it something from their own mind. I know there are those who are highly sensitive and can read exactly what is going on (or get pretty close).  These are special people, we all are, and we all have this ability.


Practicing, we are able to grow the warmth of a pleasant and loving atmosphere. It can be difficult at times, we have been programmed to behave a certain way. However, as adults, we can now choose what it is we will be, what we will emit into the world, what our contribution will be.

Do we wish for peace? If so, we must practice developing a peaceful mind and heart. There are plenty of distractions attempting to have us veer off course and perhaps, straight into a brick wall. Our WILL is strong though, and the power we hold inside is in union with that which is greater than ourselves.  Our reserve, is the reserve for all life, connected, equal, in love.

Embrace it, it belongs to you, it belongs to every life form in equal portion. All you need to do is claim your share, in honor, in gratefulness, with respect.

Know that you are loved.



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