Unsafe Construction For Greed

Published February 20, 2017 by tindertender

178 welds in the 1.5 miles of pipe under the river…. DAPL is only required to inspect 10% of those critical welds… only 10%

Meanwhile the news in North Dakota is pushing propaganda down its citizens throats telling them to worry about the trash at camp, which IS currently being cleaned up.

#NoDAPL fact #2:

There are 178 welds on the 1.5 mile section of pipeline that will cross under the Missouri River. That’s 178 chances for the Dakota Access Pipeline to leak. Before the pipeline is buried, Dakota Access is only required to inspect 10% of those critical welds…only 10%.

Further, once the pipeline has been pushed and pulled across Lake Oahe at a depth of 90-100 ft underground, there is absolutely NO WAY TO INSPECT THOSE 178 WELDS and even the most advanced equipment cannot detect a slow seepage at that depth.

Please spread the word and help us save our water, land, wildlife and cultures from environmental genocide.

Quotes from those in the know:

“As a former welding inspector for the DoD at Charleston Naval Shipyard, this is unacceptable. They are inspecting to the lowest standards.”

“My dear if you want to vomit read their brochure ‘Pipelines safety is shared responsibility’ http://www.energytransfer.com/pipeline_safety_brochures.aspx”

“Any welder knows their are limits, parameters and stress related breaks related to welds… when you put a welded pipe into the elements and then add pressure… well you have a risk…pipelines have a lifespan, at which point they ALL begin to leak and crack and break…it’s on average about 50 years for the best quality in optimum condition with perfect welds. You really have to look at the bigger picture…like environmental health as a whole to get it. Here’s an article I wrote featured in IDLE NO MORE: http://www.idlenomore.ca/oregon_pipeline_blues

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