Let Honor Return To Humanity

Published February 18, 2017 by tindertender

“VIDEOS: I love how they stop in just that special place to give everyone a real good look at mid-sentence facial expression.”

Dear God … Isn’t it time? I cry tears hoping this sorrow reaches you and that you will feel my heart.

Men desire to murder animals to extinction, even going into dens for the killing of babies. They want control of the woman’s womb but why? Do they wish to breed sadistic evil killing machines who burn everything in their path? For control, for their egos, so they can boast among each other how powerful they are?

Balance is needed, please God, show me what You would have me do, or say. I must DO something, but what? Please guide me.

The line is getting ever thinner, and I know in my heart that Love and Light will dissolve this darkness and there WILL be peace and joy.

Is it time? Will it happen soon? I pray that it does, and when the time comes please lift me from this shell which has been the pot for brewing Love, for the benefit of ALL life, in body, out of body, earth, air, water …

Let Honor return to the hearts of humanity. Bless us please.

Love, that hearty stew cooking inside of you. Let’s feed the world, shall we?

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