Lost in Freedom

Published February 17, 2017 by tindertender

The world is clashing, it seems there are those clawing and scratching to get every last bit from the earth, the waters, the air … even from you & me. There is much resistance and people are wizening to the truth of it. We see that those who finessed their way into our oblivion have lost their seats, and now we have the bull in charge, he has a crew with him, none of which care that we see the blatant disregard for our wellbeing.

Light & Dark Clashing.jpg
Has it gone so far that there is no return? I believe so. Is this a bad thing? No, I think not. There will be a serious change coming, in fact it is in the works at this moment. It affects the entire world, we see people, humanity, rising in all places.

Is it true that the magnetic pull is decreasing, and that the veil is truly lifting? It is odd since the waters are so full of poison and the foods too, yet people are coming out of their sleep. Even the pharmaceutical companies and the vaccinators are losing ground as we recognize the ploy. And even with our bodies and minds full of toxins we still see, and are seeing more clearly day, by day, by day. More of us are learning to once again say that first or second word we ever learned in this life … NO! No more … we’ve had it.

We are very capable of caring for ourselves. For so long now we have been misled, we have been trained to think that the medical and scientific fields have all the answers, and that only they can cure us of what ails us.

Look around the world, see back into the past as far as you can and observe it up to the present moment, as a movie.  It has not improved, even though we have been told it has. The world is dying under our feet all the while they still try to get us to swallow that pill … that ugly little pill that will make us forget.

Sure people live longer, however they are sick most of that time, and the little money they have coming in is to purchase “medicine” to feel better, to “live” longer. And many of them are tired, too tired to go for a walk, to tired for company or a meal with a friend, the zest and joy … gone. Unable to do physical work, without joy, and no desire to be involved in anything at all, what is it worth, living this long life? To whom is that worth going?

Questions: Will we start to ask? Will we begin to dig deeper into the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ and for how long? Will we at least try to break out of the box we’ve been living in and see the bigger picture, as our beloved Eagle does? At least the Eagles are still free, or are they?

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