Emotions, Flowing Like Water

Published February 15, 2017 by tindertender

Rain falls from the sky, everything it touches gets wet. Some may say get me my umbrella, and others recognize the blessing of it. The rain washes away the grime, allows crops to grow, trees to flourish and rivers to fill, cycling through the crud being poured into them.

Life is like this. Many of us might have similar experiences yet some will run for cover, really disliking what is happening, and others may say yea, it’s not so pleasant but there is a lesson here, and then others might just start dancing, kicking up the water of that experience and laugh.

I try to have fun with it, I dig deep into an event or experience and I feel it fully. I am so grateful for feelings! At times it can be overwhelming, truly, yet I remind myself, at one point or another, what a gift it is. It is hard to see the gift, sometimes the packaging is really ugly … sometimes that packaging has barbed wire on it and it really hurts to open. Once open though, when we sit with it for awhile, we begin to see the beauty of it.

Image result for pictures of emotions like rainEmotions. I watch them as they flow through me. Sometimes they are so thick I cannot see them until later, when my breathing has slowed, heart no longer pounding, and my mind has stopped spinning. Crazy as it seems, it is much like when I quit smoking.

Here comes an emotion, oh how I would like to spout off some choice words (and at times I do) most of the time I sit with it, I wait, and five minutes later, it passes, just like the craving for that cigarette. The more often I sit and not react right away, the easier it is to watch it flow by, like water. Pretty soon I can see the ripeness of it about to burst, and then … ease.

I have heard many say I am not the one feeling, but the one observing the feeling. I was a bit baffled by this, however the more I pay attention to what is flowing through my mind, the more I understand. And then I think, but do I, really?

imagesBNQIUWTW (2)I remember I do not know anything in reality, the moment I think I know a thing, it changes, sometimes I am surprised but more often than not these days, I’ve come to expect it to change, for I know … nothing remains the same.

I am so glad I do not know what is coming, or what this life will evolve in to. It is exciting, a bit scary, and yes I drag my heals about change, but eventually the fear of it must be embraced. It is the only way to grow, to move beyond, into the next adventure. Looking back on this life I see the courage it took to make headway, stretching the comfort zone, (whether I wanted to or not), change will indeed continue to happen, it’s part of the natural law.

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