Woman deported to Mexico reunited w/ kids

Published February 12, 2017 by tindertender

The Valley woman went to ICE headquarters for a routine check-in but instead was deported back to Mexico on Thursday. She leaves behind two kids.

Hold on a minute … She has been here 22 (?) years, and two teenage children who were born here. WHY is it that the government did nothing to assist her in becoming a citizen?  Why is she being taken from her children, her family, and exiled to a country she has not seen in over 2 decades?

If the government is worried about illegals taking jobs from those  who are here legally, then by all means, especially in cases such as this, do what is necessary to help her become a legal resident, so she can pay the taxes which will fill government pockets.

This country is run by crooked men, with warped minds, and cold hearts.


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