U.S. military veterans without citizenship are being deported

Published February 12, 2017 by tindertender

Military veterans of the United States – who are not U.S. citizens – can be deported if they commit a crime. It’s happened to over 200 combatants and most are from Mexico. Correspondent Mike Kirsch reports on these deported vets. He’ll tell us what happens to them when they leave the U.S. and if their deportations can be reversed. Many Mexican immigrants joined the US military and fought in wars on behalf of the country. But they were soldiers – not citizens – because they were never officially naturalized. And they later found out they had no legal protection against being deported if they committed a crime. Their supporters say the real crime is how the US government could deport them in the first place after risking their lives to protect and defend the United States. Deported Veterans hope outgoing US President Barack Obama will reverse or commute their expulsions with a presidential pardon, before leaving office. Obama has now commuted 184 prison sentences in the United States during his two terms, more than the combined number of those granted by America’s last six presidents. Check out Americas Now Correspondent Mike Kirsch’s report below.

Isn’t this just like the Government? The deport these men and women, and those that remain here are forced to live on the streets without proper medical care. This government uses them for their wars and then toss them aside when they are finished, abusing them for their loyal service to the country.

There is a lot of angry talk about doing drugs after the wars. I know US Citizens who have fought and suffer from exposure to the chemicals and war making traumas. The VA does not give proper treatment, and in many cases, will not accept responsibility for any of the medical conditions later. People do what they need to do to try and cope. Left without guidance and support, it is highly likely wrong choices will be made.

Evil lurks in high places and there are no beating hearts there these days.

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