Do you know who you are?

Published February 11, 2017 by tindertender

What is the agenda of the so called elite?

Entire ecosystems of the world are being destroyed, the planets resources being drained for profit, the earth is dying. Animals near extinction are being eradicated, lawfully butchered under erroneous excuse. WE the people are brutalized, worked like slaves, our wages stolen, used to fund wars and war making methodology.

All the while our self esteem, the value we hold for our personal well being, is under attack. There are those who would have us believe we have no power, that we are not capable of making wise choices. They pit us against each other, saying one group is more worthy than the other, fueling separation and competition for approval and gain.

Do you know who you are? Do you understand that you are greater than those who wish to control you? You are. For you are not pulling strings, breaking laws, and forcing others to bend to your will while you rob them blind and starve them, forcing them from their homes.

We must stop being prey to the game, and unite as one people, knowing full well that we are all worthy of respect and love and food and water. We are powerful beyond measure, and when we join, with a peaceful determination, that power intensifies.

All of us are capable of the hard work that it takes to support ourselves, to assist each other, to tend to the business of living. We need no handouts, and we need not be told what is right … for that knowledge dwells within us, it has always been there.

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