Heart open, the gap so wide it can encompass the world.

Published February 10, 2017 by tindertender

I saw a man. He was surprised with the gift of becoming a father, he cried. I cried. It was beautiful to see this man so astounded and happy for this opportunity.

Tears.jpgOften, there is the opposite reaction.  I know this to be true, and I cry. Pain from long ago creeps into my mind and heart, and it will never end, only buried beneath current days tasks and occupation.

Manipulation, selfishness, the endless pursuit of “passion”, hurting others in narrow-mindedness  … this must end.

Grief, anger, loss of trust, and a knowledge that love is lacking can cause a woman to lose herself, her mind, and become someone she despises.

I have travelled the path. It is an ongoing journey to find forgiveness in the heart for self … and for others … patience, understanding, and a love that continues on.

Heart open, the gap so wide it can encompass the world.

Love lost is another opportunity … an opportunity to widen the possibilities, to love harder, to love more … Fierce love that refuses coercion and manipulation, standing firm in truth and honor, steadfast with the integrity that has always been inside, refusing to let anyone ever again cause doubt, or a folding and submission of what is known to be right and good.

Yes, the time has come to end the puppet show, having strings pulled by those who believe themselves to be wiser.

Ferociously I rise and I say, YOU WILL NOT have your way with my mind and my heart any longer … I know I am not alone with this vow.

Bless us, who have found our way back to love after having trod the path of pain, sorrow, anger and self destruction. May experiences had be used to uncover and assist others who are currently on the path we once travelled.


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