LOVE, The Most Gentle, And Also The Most Fierce Experience We’ll Ever Know

Published February 5, 2017 by tindertender

Choices_3.jpgI spoke with my mother today. I began talking about Life’s Purpose, and what it meant to different people, to me. She immediately stated that our purpose is to “survive”.

It makes me sad that after all of her years this is the thought that comes to her when she thinks of life. I truly hope it becomes more than that for her.

The Power of Peace is in your hands. You … and I … WE ~ together are able, and oh so very capable, of creating a world full of joy, peace, abundance, and love.

We just need to want it bad enough. Lay down the hate, shed the fear, really begin to see each other, and lift each other so we ALL may benefit from this gift … the gift that has been stolen, yet certainly is still retrievable.

Love ~ it is the most gentle … yet also the fiercest … experience we will ever know.

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