Lazy Sunday Morning

Published February 5, 2017 by tindertender

My Snowy girl is loving the fire. Seems a good place for an after breakfast nap.

My Toby boy prefers to stay right next to mom.

And while mom is blessed with this moment, she too, enjoys a wonderful piece of talent and art from these fellows.

This morning sends much to be grateful for. Amidst chaos, there is peace, there is love, there is talent and beauty and strength.

Harmony in all forms are uniting, people’s hearts are expanding, energy touching together and raising the pitch.

What a privilege to be here during these times. To be able, and capable, of altering the reality … from pain, to gain … from greed to true wealth for all … from discord to harmony … and from hate and fear to love.

Thank you for being here, for choosing to apply your powers for increased blessings ~ for ALL life.

Just … WOW.

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