The Purpose Of Life

Published February 4, 2017 by tindertender

Many people believe the purpose of life is to accumulate monetary wealth, a prestigious and powerful title, or position. Creating a family, raising children, purchasing a home, collecting for retirement, seeing the world … these things may be what are envisioned as ‘purpose’.

As we look around us, we see harm being done to so many people, to all of the animal life. Rivers are polluted, the oceans are toxic and all life there is dying, land … after fracking, leaking oil pipes, and collapsed mines, is being destroyed … entire ecosystems of the world are being damaged beyond repair.

Yet, the governing offices do not tell us the true extent of this damage. They hide it, all the while tapping into the water sources, bottling them up, selling them to us in plastic bottles made with toxic chemicals, marketing what should be free and available to all people.  Springs are drying up, sucked lifeless by greed. Many people do not think we have a right to water, or to the rains that fall, or to planting and growing our own organic foods.

They want to control the waters and the seeds. If they can get away with this, then they own the people ~ even more surely than they do now.

The sole purpose of the people (or Soul Purpose, if you will), is to make the “below” the same as the “above”.  Peace and harmony WILL prevail, when YOU decide you have had enough of being abused, and tire of abusing others.

You see, the end result will be peace, whether some choose otherwise, or not. The question is, how long before we experience this Heaven On Earth? I for one, would LOVE to see this in  my lifetime.

So I practice.

I practice being kind. I brave the odds and call a spade a spade, even in the face of ostracization, indeed, I have already experienced this, and live with it daily. Yet I cannot stop proclaiming the truth, I cannot, and will not, silently sit by while injustice happens in front of my own face, or in my life’s experiences. People do not like this trait of mine, it has caused much discomfort and heartbreak, however the truth is the truth and must not be swept under the carpet to make the majority more comfortable, to make it easier to ignore the obvious.

I do fail an ‘niceness’, nearly every day I catch myself having an upset, or even sometimes an angry thought. I get mad when the insurance company cancels my policy because on two occasions I was hit by someone driving another vehicle, I was not cited or at fault, and yet I am being punished for it.

Such is life. So many examples just as the one listed above … over and over again, injustice, what really isn’t “fair”, happens, over, and over, again and again.

Many people find it difficult to deal with this truth. If I am correct, most of us live life with these events, different, and yet the same. We become victim, we get angry, we fight, we give up, we try again, and it continues, in a viscous cycle. We still try, time and again, and each time we pick ourselves up, we gain understanding, we learn how to let stuff go, we forgive, and we move on, stronger than before. We may misinterpret the strength that comes with these experiences for callousness, for a numbing, a sort of detachment, and sometimes this may indeed be the case.

The practice here is in allowing ourselves to continue to be vulnerable, to remain open to criticism and judgement, to accept when someone cancels our insurance, takes our car, burns our house down, murders our dog.

Life is a challenge. But it isn’t meant to be.

heaven-on-earthOur purpose here is to bring Heaven to Earth. There are forces that will try their very best to see us fail. They will do whatever it takes to have us hurt, brutalize, and kill each other, whether in mind, spirit or body. Poison of all kinds is ingested, legal, or not legal, and it warps the mind, breaks down the energetic field of the body, and makes us vulnerable and susceptible to influences we may not even be aware of, consciously.

Please pay attention to what you drink, and to what you eat. Water distillers can be expensive, however, if you are buying bottled water, the damage being done is two-fold, to your body, and to the planet. (There are very good instructional video’s on how to build one affordably). You will be shocked at what is left behind when you distill your fluids.

Pre-packaged foods are poison, candy is poison, white sugar and cheap salt are poison. In order to cleanse your mind and body these things, and others, must be eliminated from the daily intake.

adversityWe must RISE and show them we are unstoppable. We must smile right in their faces and show them that LOVE prevails, and eventually, will be ALL THERE IS. Fear will be no more. That tool is like a dull blade, and it simply does not cut like it once did.

Listen to your heart in the stillness. Just before falling asleep, or just upon waking, listen to the ‘dream’ and what is being said.

This is no game. There are those who’s aim is to stop love and freedom, they mean business. LOVE is the gentlest, yet most fierce reality there is. It resides in you, it resides in all of those who have, and who are, suffering. The more love you have within you, the greater the attacks you will experience.

Claim your Divinity.
It is your Honor and your Privilege.
It Is Your Gift and Your Right.

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