Spirituality Versus Politics???

Published February 4, 2017 by tindertender



I have been struggling with my new dual role as a dream and social activist.

It puts me in a place that is confusing at times. There is a core belief in our work with dreams, that change.….

… begins on the inside. There is also a core belief in our work, that the world in itself can often be a distraction from what is true inside ourselves.

Both of these beliefs have tended to incline me away from social justice work.

Add to that, the conflict that is inherent in social justice work of any kind and honestly there is a part of me that has wished it would all go away. Some part of me was glad to believe that my marching days were over.

Apparently they are not.

It is still true that change, at least on some level, begins on the inside. And it is still true that the world can be a distraction from this inner work.

It is also true that if your house or your neighbor’s house is on fire – you don’t ignore the fire. You may respond in a way that brings presence to the situation. You may respond anchored in your inner experience.

But still – you respond as needed.

I have seen in my work with my own dreams and with the dreams of others, that on some level the world that we live in is on fire.

~ Bill St.Cyr

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