Fake Smile || Spoken Word

Published February 2, 2017 by tindertender

It is time to shed the illusion. Accept each other for who we really are, and treat each other with gentle understanding.

We need each other, but not in the game. We need each other to shed our shame. Let us hold each other in tenderness, for we all, every one of us, have suffered. Understanding this reality will enable us to Love.

It is no shameful thing to be vulnerable, in fact, allowing our vulnerability to show is true strength, and when we do this, when we uncover ourselves, we make it possible for others to do the same.

It takes extreme courage, but I believe you are strong, I believe you are capable. I believe you are able to live life authentically. When you do this, you will be one …. One who joins others … in saving this world.



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