This Is Mary Anne Macleod, Donald Trumps Mother

Published January 29, 2017 by tindertender


She came here in 1929 to become a “domestic” which was 6 years after it was supposedly illegal to do so without first getting a work visa. That is why it was listed then as illegal. Then she very wisely married Fred Trump, who by the way, his parents did the same thing from Germany. Now, as for laws broken. C’mon….a white wealthy debutant ? Even if she did we would never know, but to my knowledge for the info I currently have – no she did not. Just as millions of others who came to America and have proven to be successful. The point being, is to just call out a race or say all immigrants are bad is a liiiiiittttle ballsy for a guy who wouldn’t even be here if his own mother didn’t do it first.

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