Water Is Life

Published January 28, 2017 by tindertender

I rushed to finished my painting this morning only to leave it behind when I left for the synchronized meditation downtown.

This is my rendition of the black snake leaking all over what is good, poisoning everything in it’s path, inhibiting anything from ever growing or living there again.

So many beautiful people in this world just want to live. We want to be free, as our forefathers intended us to be … as God Himself has intends for us to be.

Look around you. Really take a look. Step back from the rules and regulations. Never mind about who is crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s. Look at the rules themselves. And then step away from them, and view again, as an outsider. See the bigger picture. Never mind the wages for the day, tonight’s dinner, college tuition … what about next generation, and the next, and the next. Where are they going to get their water? Who will they have to pay for it, and how much do you suppose it will cost?

Men and women have fought poor countries all in the supposed name of freedom, poor countries who have little capacity to inflict serious harm. Do you think the US government might just want the wealth of that country? Do you really think a country full of innocent people who have been, and perhaps will be, or currently are, being massacred want to harm anyone? Well, maybe  … after the USA stuff’s themselves down the throats of people who don’t want anything to do with us.

As Americans sit back, drinking and eating their poisons SOLD to them by their own government, taking their morning medicines to combat illness and cancer CAUSED by their own government, they deny the truth.

The ecosystem of the entire United States is under attack, and people think “it’s a good idea”, it’ll “bring jobs”. How long do they think these jobs will last? When the pipes break, and they will, and the water isn’t drinkable, and the land is so full of oil nothing can grow on it … where is the water and food going to come from? With what money are they going to buy water and food? The job they once had laying that broken pipe sure isn’t going to be giving them a pay check any longer.

Tell me, do you really think the government cares one bit whether you live or die? No, they do not. Unless you are spilling some sort of vital beans (and I mean knowledge). Then of course they care very much, and you will die … like so many others.

Grown men and women … we are too old to be walking around so naïve, head in the proverbial clouds. Wake up, pull your head out of the television and look around you. SEE what is happening right before your eyes.

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